Avoid These Items: What Not to Keep in Your Shipping Container

Not to Keep in Your Shipping Container

When considering what not to store in shipping containers, it’s essential to understand both the benefits and limitations of these storage solutions.

Steel container storages in Calgary, offered by Shield Storage, are secure, water-tight, and suitable for a range of items such as household belongings, extra inventory or equipment, building materials, and even small vehicles​​. However, specific things should be avoided for safety, legal, and practical reasons.

Items Not Suitable for Storage in Storage Containers in Calgary

Radioactive Materials
These are hazardous and often only possible with specialized equipment. Most storage facilities are not equipped to protect against radioactive effects, making storing such materials inadvisable.

Explosives and Weapons
Items that can explode, like ammunition or fireworks, pose significant risks, especially in fluctuating temperatures. These should never be stored in shipping containers.

Standard containers’ lack of climate control can damage electronic devices due to humidity and temperature variations. Also, batteries can become hazardous, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Toxic Materials
Flammable substances like petrol or gas, as well as hazardous materials, including fertilizers, paint thinners, solvents, and certain medical supplies, can create dangerous environments within the confined space of a container.

Living Things
Storing live animals or plants is generally prohibited and unsafe, particularly for long durations or without proper ventilation. This practice can also attract pests and leave unpleasant odors.

Perishable Items
Foods, fresh produce, and other perishables can spoil or attract vermin. These items require special insulated or refrigerated containers with appropriate hygiene regulations.

Upholstered Furniture
While not perishable in the traditional sense, upholstered furniture can develop mould, become infested with insects, or get damaged by rodents in the conditions typically found inside a shipping container​​.

Western Canada’s Secure Storage Solutions Leader

While shipping container storage in Calgary offers versatile and secure storage options, knowing what items are unsuitable for storage is crucial to prevent safety hazards and damage.

For those seeking reliable and convenient storage solutions, Shield Storage provides a range of options with flexible lease terms to meet various needs. Consider renting a steel shipping container for a cost-effective and secure storage solution for personal use, business inventory, or equipment.

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