Portable Shipping Container for Rent in Langley, BC & Calgary, AB

Portable Shipping Container

Starting from $129.99/month

Use for storage only.

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Portable Shipping Container For Rent

At Shield Storage, our portable storage containers are available for rent in our 4 locations – Calgary, Edmonton, Langley, and Regina. Our reliable portable shipping containers are the perfect solution for moving or for short-term and long-term storage needs.

We can have portable shipping containers delivered and picked up from your location for an additional price. If you are keeping the container on your premises, be sure to check your city’s requirements for a street use permit for the placement of a container.

Different lease options to fit your needs

Customer service is our priority. As part of our commitment to providing customers with the best service and storage solutions, we offer short and long-term lease options that fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking to rent a portable shipping container, a basic mini-unit, or vehicle storage, Shield Storage can help you find the right solution. Our portable containers are a durable, secure, and reliable storage option.

What a portable shipping container is used for

Our portable containers are one of the most popular and reliable solutions for storing and transporting items. These heavy-duty containers are responsible for safely and securely transporting all types of items around the world. Most households can fit the entire contents of a standard 3-4 bedroom house and efficiently transport them to a different location.

A portable shipping container is typically used for:

  • Moving homes or dealing with a big life transition
  • Extra inventory or equipment for businesses
  • Transporting an antique car, a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, ATV, or small RV
  • Building materials such as lumber, tools, and equipment

Renting a portable shipping container with Shield Storage

Our portable containers start at $129.99/month. If you have any questions about renting a portable shipping container, call us at 1-800-663-1421. Along with offering portable shipping containers for rent, we also provide heavy equipment rentals such as a flat deck and container chassis to help with large jobs.

Contact us or use the booking request form below for more information.