Renting vs. Buying Shipping Containers in Calgary

Renting vs. Buying Shipping Containers in Calgary

As you examine your choices for a specific project, you might question whether renting or buying a shipping container storage would be more advantageous.

Distinct characteristics of rented and bought containers could sway your verdict. Containers that are bought present different customization opportunities compared to rented ones. On the other hand, rented containers offer more adaptability when it comes to adjusting your container’s size or other features.

Shield Storage is here to uncover the advantages and disadvantages of rental and purchasing shipping container storage, allowing you to make the most informed decision for building your space.

Buying Container storage

Purchasing a container becomes a viable option if you’re looking at long-term usage or require customization. Once you buy a container, it’s yours to keep, repurpose, or even resell if necessary.

Ownership comes with the liberty to modify and customize your container per your specific needs. This freedom can be particularly advantageous if you consider transforming the container into a unique living or commercial space.

However, purchasing requires an upfront investment, which may be considerably higher than rental fees. Additionally, once you’ve bought a container, you’re responsible for its maintenance and disposal, which could involve additional costs and effort!

Container Storage Rentals

Renting a container can be ideal if your requirement is temporary or you’re seeking flexibility. This option allows you to utilize a container for a specific period and return it when it’s no longer needed, saving you the trouble of figuring out what to do with the container afterwards.

Moreover, rental options often provide the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade the container size as your project evolves. Most rental companies will facilitate a switch if you suddenly need more space. Additionally, rental fees are generally manageable, offering a smaller, regular payment instead of a large upfront cost.

Making The Right Choice

Whether you rent or buy a shipping container storage boils down to your unique project needs and circumstances. Understanding these pros and cons can help you make a well-informed decision.

If you opt for shipping container storage rentals, Shield Storage is happy to help!

We offer different lease options to fit your needs. We also offer steel shipping containers for rent and heavy equipment rentals, such as flat decks and container chassis for storage use.

Our 20’ storage containers start at $129.99 per month. Contact us if you have any questions about renting a steel storage container today!