The Benefits of Portable Shipping Containers

Portable Shipping Containers - Shield Storage

Portable shipping containers are popular for their day-to-day personal or business uses.

Container storage rentals can include storage solutions, remodelling, and decluttering for personal use. With businesses, they can be an excellent solution for portable office spaces, staging houses and events.

This article will cover the benefits of portable shipping containers and how storage rentals can make your life easier.

Storage Space

Portable shipping containers are known best for transporting cargo overseas for their weatherproof, secure and durable conditions. Other advantages of renting containers for storage include the following:

  • Different sizes for different purposes
  • Strength & durability
  • Rodent and bug proof
  • Portability

Since these are the things you need when looking for proper storage to keep everything safe, shipping containers are the perfect way to go!


Portable shipping containers can make your life easier when remodelling your home. Having a clear plan for your remodel is essential to organize the transportation of your items between storage and your home. Organizing your items in containers will make it easier later to find what you need, like your tools.

When you are finished remodelling your home, your items will be waiting for you neatly in the portable container to unload!


Container storage rentals are also great to rent out for events and parties, whether personal or business.

Portable shipping containers are a great option to get your guests together from birthday parties, weddings, exhibitions etc. You can organize all your decorations and furniture inside the container days before your event, knowing they are safe and secure.

20’ Shipping Containers

A significant advantage of using portable shipping containers for storage is that you can have the container conveniently delivered to your location to pack your items and keep them on your premises. A 20’ shipping container storage rental is typically used for:

  • The items of a 3-4 bedroom house – Perfect for when you’re in between moving homes or dealing with a significant life transition.
  • Extra inventory or equipment – Are you looking for a temporary solution to house an overflow of inventory or equipment? A shipping container is a great solution.
  • Building materials – Popular for renovators and carpenters looking for a secure space to store materials and tools.
  • Small cars and motorcycles – When you need extra space to safely store your small car or motorcycle, a 20’ container can house your vehicle.

Renting a portable shipping container with Shield Storage

There you have it, ways portable shipping containers can make your life easier!

With Shield Storage, our portable containers start at $129.99/month. If you have any questions about renting a portable shipping container, call us at 1-800-663-1421. Along with offering portable shipping containers for rent, we also provide heavy equipment rentals, such as a flat deck and container chassis, to help with large jobs.

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