What to Look for in a Commercial Shipping Container Rental Company

Commercial Shipping Container Rental Company

If your business or organization is considering renting a commercial shipping container, there will be a laundry list of factors to consider. While shipping containers were typically used for storing and shipping products, they have now become a valuable solution for commercial storage.

Knowing where to start can be challenging when selecting a container storage rental company. At Shield Storage, we are experienced professionals in storage solutions and are happy to help guide you through the process. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for when choosing a storage container rental company.

Sign of a Good Container Storage Rental Company

As you begin selecting a commercial storage rental company, there are many different factors you’ll want to consider. Some key features help distinguish a good container storage company from others. These can include the following:

Multiple Sizes of Storage Containers

Storage containers are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each type of organization will have drastically different needs, and their storage solution should reflect that. Since size will be one of the most significant factors, the storage company you’re considering should have multiple solutions.

Some storage solutions can include:

Storage Compound – A storage compound is ideal for business, moving, and household storage. Storage compounds are fully fenced with a 40’ shipping container and secure with onsite 24/7 security.

Storage Mini-Units – Mini storage units are a great, affordable solution for those who need to rent a storage unit, but the standard size is unnecessary. They are ideal for secure file storage, household storage, extra inventory, tools, etc.

Steel Shipping Containers – Steel shipping containers are a cost-effective, secure, and water-tight solution for storing your items safely. Shipping containers offer an ideal balance of anti-theft protection and weather-proofing.

Mobility and Accessibility

Portability is one of the main reasons companies opt for commercial shipping container rentals. Whether for business or moving, a flexible unit that can be easily transferred should be one of the primary considerations. The capacity to move containers to multiple destinations is a significant advantage over other self-storage alternatives.

Other benefits of portable container storage units include:

  • Durability
  • Safe and secure
  • Unmatched value for your money
  • Saves you time

Flexible Leasing and Billing Options

You’ll want to look for a container storage rental company that prioritizes its customers first. In addition to the physical features of the containers, you’ll also want to consider the company’s service and approach. Many container storage rentals automate their processes. This makes online booking and acquisition simple but makes other departments, like customer service, more difficult.

You’ll want to choose a company that offers responsive and attentive service in addition to flexible and customizable leasing and billing options. Elements like short and long-term lease options or accommodating different billing requests are great indicators of a quality company.

Advanced Security Features

Any quality shipping container should be designed to incorporate security features against theft and outdoor elements. The majority of businesses and organizations that use commercial storage units are housing important assets that need to be protected.

Some of the kinds of items that are often stored in commercial storage containers can be:

  • Construction equipment, tools, and materials
  • Office files and documents
  • Large appliances and electronic equipment
  • Staging furniture, interior decor, and seasonal decorative items
  • Retail inventory and fixture
  • Excess and overflow inventory

Regardless of what you store inside your container, you want them to be secure. A secure container should feature components like steel framing, locking mechanisms, and walls made of a high-quality material that cannot be penetrated by things such as water.

Find The Right Solution for Your Storage Shipping Container Needs

If you require container storage rental services, we can help. At Shield Storage, we offer customizable storage solutions that can meet your storage needs. No matter how big or small, we have a solution for you! We take pride in providing the best value and customer service we can. You’ll always get a live voice on the other end when you call us.

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